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November 2019



  Fri.1 Sat.2

Sun.3 Daylight savings Fall back 1 hour @ midnight enjoy the extra sleep.

Service 5pm

Mon.4  Tue.5 Wed.6 #I Just Wanna be heard meeting 6pm Thur.7 Fri.8 Sat.9 Outreach 9am

Sun.10 Service




Mon.11 Veterans Day Thank a Veteran today Tue.12


Thur.14 Fri.15 Sat.16
  1. Sun.17 Service 5pm
Mon.18 Tue.19 Wed.20 #I Just Wanna be heard meeting 6pm Thur.21 Fri 22 Sat.23
Sun.24 Service 5pm Potluck Homemade chicken soup Mon.25 Tue.26 Weds.27

Thur.28 Happy Thanks-Giving

Gooble Gooble

Fri.29 Black Friday